A Web application is a kind of software that is hosted on a server and accessible via the Internet. Users can securely connect to the application from any browser and use it without having to install anything! From your computer, your tablet or your cell phone, you can view the data contained in the application at any time.

Why a Web Application?

Manage employees

Manage your teams and their schedules

Manage Business relations

Manage your business relationships with your customers, create quotes, invoices, etc.


Monitor and manage your servers remotely.

Partners and clients share

Share information with suppliers and partners: order management, inventory, etc.

Most requested systems at Look-Tech

Look-Tech can help you create your own system from A to Z (installation, configuration, security, etc.). Here is a list of the most requested systems.
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All our systems include a custom and user-friendly control panel.

  • Interactive Voice Response system (IVR)
  • Predictive or Auto-Dialer System
  • SMS or Email Bulk System
  • Chat System
  • Multipoints system (Audio/Video conferencing, broadcast video system ... etc )
marketing results
marketing results